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​23rd and 24th February - Hilton Metropole, London

Join me for this one day training that will accelerate your ability to become
branded as the go-to person in your industry.

Ace IT!

As a rocket engineer who struggled in the corporate world, I always knew my message was important. I knew I could help others but never knew where to start. Now I have spoken in eight countries, shared the stage with Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and Jack Canfield, and helped 441 people to launch their own six-figure businesses!

Time to embrACE your true powers, fACE your fears, and win your rACE!

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From The Founder Of 

The Association of Coaches, Experts, and Speakers (ACES)

Dear Leader,

I started my career as a coach in 2012, along with a full-time day job as an analyst. It wasn't easy. I struggled to get branded. I also had no success with landing clients at first. One thing was certain: I had a message, and I knew I could use it to help others. So my desire to become a coach, expert, and speaker was intense.

The struggle to generate any income, no matter how inconsistent or small, became tremendously difficult. By 2013 I had quit my day job and was actively pursuing a career in the self-development industry. The journey was not easy, but when I saw videos of Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and other authorities onstage, I knew that I would someday be among them. However, there was something missing. The gap between where I was and where I wanted to be was too large. There were no products or packages that could fill it. So my struggle to become established became a pursuit that lasted six years.

Now I am blessed and grateful to be where I am, coaching others and helping them to change their lives. The ability to make money what I know now is a great privilege. I want to share that with you.

Through the training I offer, I’ll show you how you can develop the winning mindset required to identify the message inside you. Using that message, you will be able to help others as a coach, consultant, expert, mentor, and advisor, giving you the chance to earn higher income doing what you love. Join me in this one day workshop and I will show you how.

I believe you're a born winner who has forgotten how to win. My duty is to remind you of how powerful you really are.

What is winning for you? Is winning having better relationships, a more fulfilling life, and meaningful connections with your spouse and friends? Is winning the ability to consistently face your fears and be comfortable with them? Does winning mean overcoming your constant procrastination which prevents you from reaching your goals? Or is winning a matter of getting past the struggle of coping with everyday life so you can tap into your true potential?

At this workshop, I’m not going to talk about your true purpose, your reason for being, or your Why. But I will address the very basic factors which influence you on a daily basis, allowing you to set goals and accomplish them. 

This training is for you if you are a coach, expert, and speaker seeking to have your message heard, valued, and, most importantly, paid for! Have you attended several workshops, investing thousands of dollars in products, without getting the results you wanted? Are you tired of attending seminars that don’t really produce sustained and continuous success?

Then this is the workshop for you! It’s time to ACE it!

Attend this one day workshop if

Early Bird Price

  • You want to become a powerful leader so you can inspire the people around you, but do not know how to overcome your low self-esteem and take steps towards becoming a person of influence.
  • You're looking for a change, but do not know where to start. You’ve attended several workshops and have found to be only short-lived, landing you back where you started.
  • You want real winning strategies which you can replicate by yourself, and you want to understand the mechanics of those strategies so deeply that you can predict and control your behaviour in order to become who you were meant to be.
  • You are a highly skilled professional who has reached the your maximum results because you’re unable to break out of your daily routine.
  • You have a strong message which can help others, but you’re struggling to make ends meet with your current job. You want to progress and start earning money doing what you love.
  • You have already written a book, but you’re still struggling to get high-value clients and generate higher income consistently each month.
  • You already have a coaching business, but you’re unable to charge more for your hourly rates and constantly haggle with your clients about bookings.
  • You have witnessed others who are no different from you go out and achieve greatness in their lives. You wonder what it is that gives them the edge — you’ll find it in this workshop.
  • You have had a challenging life so far and nothing has gone according to plan — you just have to get the success you’ve worked for all these years.

It’s time you start winning the game of life and make money using what you know now!

​This is an intense live workshop during which I work with you to design your brand and create your message and products. Also, I help create and set up your marketing campaigns and, importantly, design your own customised sales sequence, along with detailed instructions on how to ask for money and collect it without feeling awkward or embarrassed.

I have helped others to do the same.


15 attended my first workshop, and 4 signed up for my mentoring program.


Moira Bush,, Canada


I made 7 figures, got international contracts, and started 3 companies.



Metal 3D, India


Chinmai’s business building strategies are easy to implement & made a tremendous difference.


Dr. Stacey Cooper,, US

When you register and attend you will get:

FREE access to ONE LIVE mentoring session with me, worth £997

This session is invitation only. You will get a special exclusive email sent from my team just a few days before the workshop date. Keep an eye out for that email. This is my way of thanking you for your faith in yourself and in me.

FREE Audio Book: The Art of Winning

You will receive the audio book of my latest book, The Art of Winning, worth £47.

FREE T-shirt

When you register for the workshop and attend, you will get a free WIN T-shirt.

At the end of the workshop you will…

  • Rediscover your powers to embrace fears and move ahead
  • Design your own ethical business plan and grow effortlessly
  • Discover what is more important than your ‘WHY’
  • Create your own signature products and learn how to sell them
  • Uncover the seven myths of success
  • Find five winning factors to create your powerful brand

For your investment of £47, you will get...

  • Two full days of live workshop training
  • Worksheets and exercises to take home
  • FREE bonus mentoring session with me (worth £997)
  • Access to CORE training videos (worth £297)
  • Signed copies of two award-winning books (worth £60)
  • FREE WIN T-shirt (worth £20)

A total value of £1,374 for your small investment of £47

You will get a
high return of 30X more!

Where and When?

23rd and 24th February - Hilton Metropole, London

Monetise Your Message


The small investment of £47 is so you take this workshop seriously. I want you to actually attend when you register, so you can make a commitment towards rediscovering your true powers.

In my heart I want this workshop to be free. However, to encourage respect of the registration process, I have asked for a small commitment of £47 towards your own success, which I will repay you back with these bonuses worth over £500.

This weekend will change your life! You are ONE workshop away from winning your game of life and making money.

The time is now!

Chinmai Swamy